Monday, 24 December 2012

iOmount Stands and Delivers

Docks and cases that double as tablet stands are great, but they’re limited. The viewing height and viewing angle always seem to be a compromise, and you’re lucky if you get more than two ways to position your tablet.

With the iOstand from iOmount you can viddy your screen from a nearly endless number of angles and orientations. An ingenious combination of sturdy stand with a hefty, I-dare-you-to-tip-me-over, foam-bottomed base topped with a set of magnets so strong they’d make Magneto rethink his career choice, the iOstand puts your screen exactly where you need it.

Just stick one of the included iOadapts (a super slim wafer of metal coated on one side with adhesive), to the back of your tablet or other device, and boom, it clings to the iOstand as tightly and securely as a Kardashian to an NBA point guard.



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