Saturday, 29 December 2012



Despite a lot of talk about society going paperless, paper is still around. Humans still hand out paper versions of business cards, birthday cards, invitations and resumes. Corporations still send direct mail and catalogs to consumers. Intellipaper is a project on Indiegogo that's looking to add a whole lot of info to that paper, without taking up more space.

NEWS: Submarine for the Luxury Crowd

The developers have created a way to embed a silicon chip into regular paper to make a disposable paper USB drive. It can be inserted into any computer's USB port to share websites, personal information, images  or portfolios. The USB drive can be customized to fit any paper-based item you want, be it greeting cards, business cards or even wedding invites with registry info embedded for easy access. If fully funded on Indiegogo, the project could be a much cooler version of the QR code.

The project is currently seeking funding, but they hope to release a reader/writer device that will be able to create USB drives with whatever content a user wants and read pre-embedded paper. Depending on what tier a pledger chooses they could receive pre-embedded paper and a reader/writer.



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