Monday, 24 December 2012

Micro Sized Keychain Charger Juices Your Phone in Emergencies

Micro Sized Keychain Charger Juices Your Phone in Emergencies

As we use our smartphones for more than just calls—GPS navigation, email, Instagraming an epic hipster mustache—having an external battery has become a necessity. But lugging those bigger batteries around is a pain, and can take up valuable gear space. Especially on a hike or climb when every ounce counts.That’s why the brain power behind the portable power at Mophie created the juice pack reserve micro. A slim, feather-light recharger suspended from a keyring, the reserve micro can provide about 30% power to your smartphone or micro USB device, giving you enough juice for an emergency call or two. Or to let your Twitter followers know what you’re having for lunch.

A standard and a micro USB cable are attached, tucking neatly into the reserve micro’s outer edges when not in use. And an integrated power indicator lets you know how much power the micro is packing. Whether you use it to hold your keys, or attach it to your pack, the $39.95 micro can always be at hand to get you the juice you need to get out of a



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