Friday, 28 December 2012

Original Google Phone Mocks Show Blackberry-like Device

Google’s Android operating system is one to be reckon with. The latest numbers from comScore show it now has the majority market share of U.S. mobile devices. But two years before the introduction of Android, there was the Google phone, which according to old documents emerging from the Google/Oracle lawsuit looks very much like a Blackberry, the Verge reports.

Exact specs for those first concepts aren’t detailed, but Google does spell out what it had in mind for the least common denominator across Android devices. An ARMv9 processor of at least 200MHz, GSM (3G preferred), 64MB of RAM and ROM, miniSD (yes, mini, not micro) external storage, a 2-megapixel camera with a dedicated shutter button, USB support, Bluetooth 1.2, and a QVGA display with at least 16-bit color support — a far cry from today’s 720p screens.

The Verge notes two soft menu keys were part of the baseline specs, which shows Google wasn’t planning on using touchscreens. Furthermore, the phone had the option of including a QWERTY keyboard, secondary display, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and hardware graphics acceleration.



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